Popularity Checker :php Bookmark Management

The script operates in HTTP mode, crawling through the site, from the home page and following internal links.

For each page of the site, it researches on Del.icio.sus the number of “saved”.

To do so it downloads the page of favorites and extract the number of saved with a regular expression.

The program detects internal broken links and displays an error in this case. It knows how to interpret relative links, but it does not recognize redirects.

This can cause errors and false broken links which should not be taken into account.

It is recommended to use absolute paths in internal links, including the http:// protocol and the domain.

The program also returns errors if it can not access the pages of bookmarks and that happens when the requests succeed too quickly, because access is then denied.

This scripts depends upon the availability of the bookmarks site and takes a while to complete its tasks.

What’s New in This Release:
? Updated the script to work with the new interface of Delicious.
? Replaced the ereg function, that will be deprecated some day, by preg_match.
? Program limited to a page and internal linked pages to avoid the bookmark site to be overloaded.