demiblog is a content management system for the modern age.

demiblog integrates:

– chronological (blog) content;

– static content;

– tagging;

– photo galleries, “todo” lists and calendars;

– search engine (dependant on which backend database you use);

– user logins;

– comments, with smart spam filtering; and

– usenet-sourced comments and trackback.


demiblog supports the following buzzwords:

– Content management: humane markup using Textile with syntax highlighting, BBCode, and SmartyPants.

– Seperation of content, style and behaviour: Semantic markup with CSS styling. ECMAScript and AJAX with prototype.js.

– Output formats: W3C HTML 4.0 (both Transitional & Strict), HTML 4.01 (T&S), XHTML 1.0 (T&S), XHTML 1.1, ISO HTML, W3C XHTML 2.0, WHATWG (X)HTML 5.

– Syndication formats: RSS 0.91, RSS 1.0 (RDF), RSS 2.0, RSS Over CSV (plain text), Atom 1.0 (RFC 4287), iCalendar (RFC 2445), hCalendar?, JSON, Serialized PHP Object.

– Blogging: comments, folksonomy / tagging, Trackback, Pingback.

– Programming: PHP 5 object-oriented programming.

– Databases: PostgreSQL 8.x, MySQL 5.x, others? that support PDO and SQL:1999.

– Metadata: RFC 2731, Dublin Core and more.

– Dates and times: UTC, W3C-DTF.

– Internationalisation (i18n): Unicode (UTF-8), gettext, RFC 3066 locales, including ISO 3166 country codes and ISO 639 language codes.