CMME means “Content Management Made Easy”. It is a web content management system that is easy to use, doesn’t have a lot ofrequirements and allows for reasonable flexibility. Have a look at theuser manual if you want to see how it works.


CMME (Content Management Made Easy)是一个易用的内容管理系统,它不需要数据库的支持,不需要更多的管理操作,新的页面直接在用户页面中进行操作,无需特别的管理后台。

Some key features of CMME:


This content management system is completely file based. It doesn’t need a database to work like most other content management systems.


Get your site listed!

If you are using CMME for your site, send me a note, a URL and a screenshot and your site can be listed here as an example site.